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About XR Unleashed

So what is XR Unleashed anyways? XR Unleashed is our prime demo application. Giving you a glimpse of XR capabilities, when your developers aren't gated by device or hardware constraints. This demo is based on our XR streaming SDK ISAR and will highlights the benefits of using it in your applications.

Example 1 - Performance Car

Our first example includes an RS6 wagon. The demo scene highlights real-time lighting, spatial sounds, surface reflections and well as high quality poly LODs.

Example 2 - International Space Station

In our second example, we will teleport you to the edge of space. In our ISS scene, we’re not only showing an accurate high-part, high-poly model of the space station. But also scripted animation (as well as mother earth).

Example 3 - Engine

The last example is for all our manufacturing engineers. A prime example of something that would pop-up in a review or progress check in. High-detail, high-part and high-poly manufacturing CADs.

Awesome Features

The magic that powers our XR Unleashed demo is our ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) SDK. With a full feature set, we/you/anyone can build interactive & high fidelity XR applications without the worry of device constraints.

High Performance

Visualize high-polygon 3D content with every detail in real size and time. Use realistic visual effects.

High Security

ISAR SDK takes data security to new levels without being a hinderance. Since no application data is stored on the end device, coupled with the fact that ISAR does not transmit files. Makes your application and data as safe as your server.

Cross Platform

Device and hardware agnostic approach. Just develop your application for your server or cloud instance. Stream to any device.

Easy Integration

We’ve taken significant care to keep integration of ISAR as simple as possible. Most developers and partners managed to achieve integration in less than an hour.


All telemetry, SLAM and sensor data is being passed back to your server application. Allowing complex calculations based on device input.

For Developers, By Developers

Well documented. Fast iteration cycles and infinite updates keep ISAR not only current. But ahead of the curve. Making it the ultimate solution for XR streaming.


XR streaming. Infinite possibilities. Cool tech. Almost sounds too good to be true. If you're curious who Holo-Light is, check out our little video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about XR Unleashed and the technology that powers it.

Simply download the Android App below and sign up for the XR Unleashed demo. Once you sign into the platform, you will receive all the necessary information to connect your app with the cloud.

XR Unleashed is a demo application. More specifically, it’s meant to spark imagination and show development possibilities on XR devices when they’re empowered with ISAR SDK.

ISAR SDK is the “magic sauce” of XR Unleashed. It’s our easy-to-integrate streaming solution for AR/VR devices. Allowing to completely offload the logic to a PC, workstation, cloud or on-premise infrastructure. So you only develop for your deployment infrastructure, without the worry about performance. For more info, please check out the ISAR SDK page.

Aside from a really cool name; Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality. ISAR is also the only solution that allows the real-time capture of all sensor, telemetry & SLAM data back to your hosted application. Making it much more powerful than any simple streaming SDK.

Absolutely! Check out the open and free trial on our GitHub page! Demo files included!

Recommended setup for XR Unleashed:

  • Newer generation CPU with 6+ Cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • Newer generation GPU with 6+GB Memory
  • Add firewall whitelist for port 9999

It’s as free as free beer! Jokes aside. We’re excited about the possibilities ISAR affords and want to share it with the world; and you!

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